Welcome — Common Sense Raw Diet for Dogs

At Every Stage Of Life, A Little Common Sense Goes A Long Way!

Our goal is to provide “Common Sense” diets for our beloved pets, using only human grade products carefully selected to provide optimum nutrition. Ongoing work with nutritionists, veterinarians, and breeders since 1996, makes Common Sense the most researched and complete raw food diet available today.

Developed by one of the most respected German Shepherd Breeding kennels in North America. They have fed over 350 litters and multiple world champions with the “Common Sense” diet. This is the most extensive feeding trial done on any raw frozen dog food on the market today. The results have been significant, the diet is safe and proven for all stages and all breeds.

Common Sense is manufactured in a private USDA facility in Ferndale, Washington. Ingredients are carefully selected to insure quality and consistency with all of them sourced in the USA. Only Human Grade Whole Foods are used and no artificial or non-naturally occurring ingredients are added to Common Sense Dog Food.

Common Sense Is The Right Diet For Your Champion!

To Order Food: Call or Text Linda at (719) 205-4158. Delivery drop off is available at multiple locations throughout Colorado. (Colorado Springs, Monument, Denver, etc.)