What About Salmonella and Bacteria?

Not likely, but it is possible, therefore our product is produced in a way to ensure that all bacterial counts are acceptable to human standards. Bacteria, salmonella and e-coli can be present in all meat products (also fresh produce), even the ones you fix for your family. They are also present in your back yard, parks,play grounds, the grocery store and other public places. We come in contact with them everyday. The difference is healthy dogs have a stronger digestive system which makes them less susceptible and able to handle numerous yucky things. We on the other hand should always wash our hands and clean surfaces after handling any food source especially raw meats.

Is the Diet Balanced?

This is absolutely a concern. That is why it is important that raw diet producers have years of feeding trials and nutritional advice and analysis of their product. We have found in our studies that if it is not correct, the side effects can be devastating. Feeding to Pregnant dogs, working dogs, growing dogs and older dogs show the biggest advantages or adverse effects if the calcium phosphorous ratio is not correct.

Is it Okay to Mix “Kibble” with Raw?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! The rate of digestion is much different. Raw food is known to digest at a rate of about 8 hours where as processed can take up to 24 hours. This has the potential of causing a bacteria build up. This is why when you switch your dog to our food, we recommend you fast a day before introducing our food. We do not recommend a slow change over.

Will my dog get parasites from raw meat ?

The food you are feeding certainly needs to be kept at an initial freezing temperature to ensure that all such organisms are destroyed. If the food you are feeding was intended for human consumption precautions will have been taken to prevent such infections. You should, just as you would feeding any other diet, do routine stool checks to maintain optimum health for your dog.